Best Friends for Frosting - Personal Blog Turned into Profitable Business

Best Friends for Frosting blog, or BFFF, was created in 2011 by Melissa Johnson from Land Park area in Sacramento, CA. This blog was launched as a dessert-focused blog in 2011 and then was expanded into a lifestyle blog in 2013. The rebranding turned the personal niche blog into am influential  "lifestyle website dedicated to celebrating joyful and wholehearted living" as described in the blog's About page.

According to Sacramento News & Review, BFFF blog owned by a young couple (Melissa and her husband) made enough money for them to buy a new home. As the blog grows, they started to hire employees to help create contents, manage the systems, and develop business relationships. Even though the BFFF is no longer a personal log, it still stays with a personalized tone. It is the personal touch that catalyzes the traffic and facilitates the growth. Best Friends for Frosting blog is a typical example that a personal blog manifests a profitable full-time business.

From Private Chef to Money-Making Blogger - Dinner Then Dessert

Sabrina Snyder was a chef; she is now a professional blogger. While she is still a chef to provide personal chef services for private events, her Dinner Then Dessert blog has become a much more profitable business. Her blog started in 2015, and quickly got a share of profits from the popular food and recipe blogging. Dinner Then Dessert blog reaches  three million monthly page views now, and the blog makes enough money for Sabrina to hire assistants for content development and social media marketing.

As chef, Sabrina knew little about blogging. She didn't believe a blog could generate income by placing advertise since she used ad blockers to get rid of all ads.  As she said, “It genuinely didn’t occur to me that bloggers could make money.” But when she built it, money came. She must have done something right.

Blog as Online Book for Marketing Purpose - The Book of Life

Here we want to talk about The Book of Life, but let take a look of The School of Life first. The School of Life is a publisher of books, articles,and videos about the quest for a more fulfilled life. Their media and publishing promote openness and creativity, and against dogma-based thinking. In the "About" page of The School of Life, a text line says "Read our blog, The Book of Life." Thus, the website of The Book of Life is the blog of The School of Life. When web go to the blog site, we see that it is actually a blog as an online book. This specific marketing design serves well for the goal of promoting The School of Life products.

Receipt Blog Standing Out by Seasonal Vegetables - The Seasoned Vegetable

The Seasoned Vegetable blog was created by Elaine Lander who lives in Sacramento, California. In college, Elaine read Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma and became a vegetarian. It is no surprise that her blog started with vegetable-based food recipes. As the blog grows, it is no longer exclusively about vegetables. The blog now provides meal plans and healthy vegetable-centric recipes with an emphasis on eating seasonally.

For Elaine, the need to claim a stake in the blogging world came from a simple desire to connect with others over healthy, plant-based cooking. Elaine always loved cooking, and was mostly self-taught. Her college studies in sustainable agriculture also helped.  When she saw a gap that people are interested in healthier eating but don't know where to start, she decided to dig into it.

Elaine takes cooking blogging as a fun job, which consumes a lot of time. She spends 40-60 hours a week on the site, dividing her time between research, writing for the blog and her newsletter, marketing and social media. It is more than a full-time job. The most hours are taken by photographing. Photos are critical for food blogs; they are called  "food porn" for a reason.

Recipe Blog Focusing on Healthy Vegetarian Food - Naturally Ella

The Sacramento-based blogger Erin Alderson started Naturally Ella in 2007 for a good reason. Her dad's heart attack was a wake-up call to her change towards healthy diet. She realized that her family wasn't making nutritious choices, and the daily diet for her dad, herself, and whole family members must be changed.  This major awakening not only led to a healthier lifestyle but also generated a sustainable blog income.

For Erin, neither cooking nor blogging was in her blood, but somehow she made it. “My backstory is not that I grew up with an Italian grandmother in the kitchen,” she says with a laugh. “Cooking was definitely not in my blood—fast food was in my blood.” And of course, she didn’t exactly feel at home in the kitchen. But the strong self-determination for change made her a successful blogger and cooker.

Erin found an unlikely solution in blogging. By writing about her experiences and recipes online, she decided that not only could she learn about healthy eating, she could also hold herself publicly accountable. It is tricky to learn both cooking and blogging at the same time.  It is not just about learning how to cook creatively with vegetables, legumes and whole grains, but also the ins and outs of food photography, web design and marketing. After a decade of handwork,  cooking and  blogging are not just in Erin's blood; it is her lifeline now.

The Power of Green Blog for Making a Worldwide Influence

When we talk about environmental news, climate reports, e-recycling, green products with green performance features, and other subject matters about the Earth that we live in, green blogs are at your service. On the other hand, green bloggers are the right people to consult with.

Green blog is also synonymous with the environmental world. In fact, green blogs are making their way in attracting more and more readers as compared to environmentally oriented print magazines and journals. The green blogs as an avenue for readers who make their dialogues about environmental matters is an effective tool of communication since it is a free-from exchange of ideas and thoughts among bloggers and the readers as well.

The zeitgeist shift seen in green blogs is only a proof that the idea of living in a green world is very much welcomed by many. This makes climate issues a very sensational and seriously-taken challenge to the people of the world. And then, more and more greener topics were brought out since people get more interested in green fashion, green product design, green build- ings, and other green products and services.

The comparison and relationship that a green blogger came up with what exactly is a green blog can be summarized into one term: ecosystem.

Environmental blogs are even comprised of mainstream organizations that have their communication through forums and other form of interactive communications about green issues. Also, the theories and practices of green business are also a great hit in green blogs; hence, their influence in the business scenes is great. And who could imagine that green blogs can be so wide-ranging that every life-saving matters are being discussed on green blogs?

Finally, the green blogosphere is already relentless in dominating the mainstream media and even successfully filling in the gaps among other mediums.

Travel Blog Works

A travel related blog can be an easy sale.  But writing any blog requires deep thinking and at a certain extent further analysis on what works best and good for your web log. Specifically, when you would like to write a good and appealing travel blog, there are a certain few guidelines that you may want to take into consideration. By following on these tips and techniques, you are a foot ahead towards getting a well-visited travel blog. Below are some of the tips and techniques:

A travel blog need attractive appearance. To design an professional-looking travel blog, you may look for a free web log service that you can use. There are just a lot of web log service sites that offer the best features of web logging. You can opt at having a web log service which offers great choices in terms of skins and designs. Or you can choose from having a web log service that can offer powerful web log content-making features.

Since your web log is focused in travel, it is best that you put a lot of pictures on it. Pictures or graphics can help entice potential readers and visitors to check out your web log. It is best, too, that you use a third party software application as picture uploader. Also, make sure that you make a narrative description that is as colorful and vivid. People who find interest in travel web logs would want to imagine and visualize how each place and location that you have included on your web log content look like. It is best that you incorporate imagining and visualization on your web log as it spells more mystery.

Create a Food Blog

As more people are getting inclined with cooking and food preparation, food related blogs are becoming ever popular. There is certainly a growing demand on the food blogs, and such great demand is an opportunity to earn potentially great amount of income. As they say in the world of blogging, the more demand the greater chances of generating traffic; and more traffic is equated with more income.

Some efforts are needed to succeed in food blogging.  There are knowledge, rules, and tactics involved, - these things may be hard to find and more often difficult to understand because of the diversity of food culture that people have. First, you should be well educated about a certain food culture. The diverse and dynamic culture in food preparation requires that you understand the general concept of this in order to appreciate and eventually comprehend what food web logging greatly encompass. Food industry is broad and wide, you cannot be a master of all. You need to make sure that you have one focus on the type of food blog that you wish to establish. Although being diverse is quite an impressive skill, but being a master of none puts you into a more jeopardizing side. Also,  make sure that your food blog content has a sense of direction. You need to make sure that your blog is able to determine the potential readers or the kind of people you are targeting based on its content.

The Make of Celebrity Gossip Blog

Who is your favorite celebrity? Have you visited her or his blog? Nowadays almost all celebrities have their own blogs. Celebrities find the use of blog as a good way for increasing visibility. They use blogging to post their views and receive reactions and replies from readers directly. Some celebrities write their own blogs while others would ask a ghostwriter to write for them.

From the business and marketing sense, a blog is a means of advertising oneself. It is an effective medium to advertise oneself and express oneself. Celebrities create their own blogs just for this purpose. Just like in regular blogging, celebrity blogs have terms and conditions. There is a degree of monitoring done in terms of the blog content as well as comments made. An abusive comment is not tolerated. It should be remembered that the blogger has the right to delete a comment submitted if found to be rude and offending. Celebrity Blog should be maintain and updated regularly to keep readers’ interest alive. Celebrities should see to it that questions posted by readers are given response.

Today, you do not have to buy magazines and newspapers to know the latest about your favorite celebrities. Just search the web and read blogs for all information and gossip of them.  Here come to niche; - to build a celebrity gossip blog. In fact, other than celebrity blogs created by celebrity themselves, there are also celebrity gossip blogs that offer up to the minute celebrity news, images, including paparazzi candids, photo shoots, and rare pictorials. New images and editorials are added everyday and live feeds are provided for viewers to have a complete access to the latest posts. These celebrity gossip blogs also provide the latest scoop on top athletes, entertainers, and musicians. The key to the make of celebrity gossip blog is, how to make your blog unique and unusual?  When we talk about the good, bad, and ugly of celebrities, it is the bad and ugly part that draws attentions and traffic, and consequently cash flow.

Build a Profitable Christian Blog

Whether or not you are a Christian, you can tap the cash flow from Christian blogging.  Simply because of the huge reader base, Christian blogging is a good idea for an internet business.  Even though there are already tons of christian sites out there, you can still grab your share fairly easy, - God is fair. Also remember that, readers of christian blogs include both Christians and non-Christians, and people who are interested or against it. Thus, there are a lot of target readers.

Christian sites are usually being founded and established by the Christians themselves. These sites may be build for the purpose of propagating Christian teachings that reach millions of people via the Internet. The Internet is potentially seen as a strong medium to reach out to all Christian all over the world. Also, these sites usually serve as a community for both Christians and non-Christians in community services and social engagement.  Many new Christian blogs attempt to encourage and influence borderline Christian whose beliefs are starting to wane. In addition, Christian blog may be a powerful media to preach the general public although it is not easy to influence people whose religious orientation is far off from the Christian world. Nevertheless,  there is a potential to reach out a lot of people in different religious background through the discussion of Christianity via a blog  of Christian topics.

Nowadays Christian leaders are becoming open-minded about the use of the internet media as a form of propagating the principles and beliefs of the Christian community, the Christian web presence is growing.  As it is said the Christian belief has started to vanish, more efforts are expected to voice out and express the theological beliefs about Christianity on the web and in the non-virtual world as well.

Then, the question is, what kind of Christian blog can I build for realistic cash flow?  You don't need to build a big, full-coverage Christian content blog. While it is nice to create a complete Christian knowledge-base blog, there is a lot of work and it may not make money.  You don't need to build a mainstream Christian site either.  A profitable Christian blog should go with the niche route with on specific focus with your unique opinions and insights. To start, you may pick up a specific Christian idea or issue,  and blog around it.  don't be afraid of being controversial.  Crashes and conflicts can bring your more traffic, and more advertisement income.  But don't go far radical at beginning. Religion is a sensitive topic; therefore as always, be mindful and respectful.