10 Action Plans to Boost Blog Traffic and Subscription

If making money is the goal of your blog, then there are a lot of actions to take. However, only right actions can bring real results. Following proven action plans will let you stay on the right track along the way to profitability. The action plans discussed here are focused on getting traffic and subscribers to your blog. Through these action plans we will deal with important actions such as crafting quality contents, building relationships, designing interfaces, and more.

1. Write Epic Content

You must write epic contents for traffic generation. While the blog world is filled with dry and boring posts, the quality of epic contents can bring you with visitors and subscribers. The common mistake is that, bloggers are lazy and don't put much effort into content creation. It may take you just an hour to finish a post, but it is still wasted if nobody wants to read it through.

Thus, to fix this mistake, try to write great contents from the very beginning. You should write longer articles, gradually going from 700 words to 1800 then 2000 and then more. When you go into in-depth contents cover more details on the topic, you can get some subscribers.

But the trick is, for many of us, depending on the niche we target, it could be really difficult to continually compose epic contents all the time. Also, because not all blog posts are equal, some of you may write blog posts that get more attention than others. Thus, it's alright if you are not able to come up with epic blog posts every single time.

In fact, we never truly know what blog posts we write will become epic. But a least you should put all your efforts into making each blog post you write as epic as you can and over time you'll notice the difference. It takes time effort to try and error, then you will get a sense about what contents are attracting traffic and subscription.

2. Be a Guest Author on Other Blogs

Gusting posting is a great way to establish your expertise in a niche area. When you popularize your knowledge shared on other blogs, you attract traffic and also new subscribers to your own blog. The effectiveness of guest posting depends on a few variables like your topic, your blog, the blog you're guest posting on, and how great the title is.

For blog starters,  it's discouraging to see you have a load of good posts written out there but you don't get the traffic that you expected. What you may not know is that, guest posting is a common method people would use to build a list fairly quickly. Let see, you contribute half of the posts that you spent the time to write, and submit them to various blogs that you could guest post in.  Assuming these blogs are in your niche, then you'll see that the increase of traffic on your blog is much faster than you try to do it all yourself.

To plan for guest posting, you should prospect quality candidates in your niche that if you were to guest post on their site, it would be beneficial to both parties. You want to make sure that you're writing for the right blog that's in the right niche aligning with your target. Your goal is to allow your post to get maximum exposure.

3. Comment on Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is a powerful technique to get more visitors and subscribers to your blog. A typical blunder is that bloggers, especially beginners, don't really appreciate the power of commenting on other blogs. Blogging is a communicating and conversational process. Commenting on other blogs enhances the flow of the process thus the flow of traffic will eventually back to you.

While you should take full advantage of commenting, it is not enough to just say “Thanks for this.” or “Good stuff.” A powerful commenting is about comments that really convey a message that you understand where the person that wrote the blog post is coming from. Leaving meaningful comments that actually offer up something not only will help you stand out from other commenters but also will get on the radar of the actual blog owner. Commenting on other blogs can help you build relationships for future engagements.

4. Leverage the Power of eBook

By browsing other blogs, you notice what many bloggers are doing. They offer free eBooks or report for free download; you enter your name and email to get the download link. You can do the same, - put together an eBook or report on expert advice or strategies from some very successful entrepreneurs that you could use to start off your business successfully. Then you may offer it for free on a couple of forums like warrior forum and You will get signups and downloads.

If you haven’t considered writing an eBook, then it is time to give it a try. It could be a great way to leverage yourself and get a lot of people to exchange their email addresses for the free eBook. If you don't want to write it by yourself, you can get free master-resell-right ebooks on various topics from

5. Offer Incentives

This tip is related to the last one. To encourage an action, you'd better give something out, an incentive like a free ebook or so. You have seen a lot of blogs that have an opt-in section on the front page that says “enter your email address to get free updates”. That is the kind of standard to build the opt-in email list.

When you offer an incentive and being clear about the benefit, you can convert more people. The incentive could be anything from an eBook to a video to a course or a reference guide or whatever it is. At least it's something, an incentive that you put in place that can motivate them to want to give up that email address.

As one veteran blogger shared, "starting out, I didn't have an eBook to offer; then when I finally offered one, I saw my subscriptions go up. When I offered my small business toolbox, which is a combination of eBooks I wrote, I saw my subscription rate go up again." So make sure to offer incentives that would provide them with great value that would only make subscribing to your email list much easier for them.

Again, contents from master resell rights make good incentives of free ofter. It is good to use and give them away out of box since that is covered by the license; it is better if you rewrite and re-package them to make enhanced and unique contents. It is much easier to leverage resell-rights than starting from scratch.

6. Admit Guest Posts on Your Site

blogging conversations are always like the two-way traffic. As seen in the previous tip, guest posting on other people's sites can certainly help you out and even get you much more subscribers. Similarly, allowing others to guest post on your site can have the same effect. All common blog platforms like Google Blogger and Wordpress support gust author account administration. Thus, technically it is easy to set up guest users on your blog and get them start to write quickly.

The big question is, - who do you allow to write on your blog? Realistically, you may not be able to get big name bloggers like the Derek Halpern’s, Ana Hoffman’s, Kristi Hines’, Neil Patel’s of the world, but there are a lot of bloggers out there that are just like you. They’re in your niche, but they're covering a different aspect than you.

Reaching out to others to guest post on your blog is a good idea because guest posts can enrich your blog contents. The guest posts may bring some important insights from the guest authors' experience. Maybe you don't feel comfortable writing about a specific topic because you don't want to misinform people because you don’t have that much knowledge on that specific information, but your guest author can explain the idea clearly.

This can lead to more subscribers for you because, some people may not like your writing, but they love everything the guest author writes. Assuming your guest authors work in the same niche with related contents between blogs of yours and theirs, your readers may go to the guest author blog, or return to yours and subscribe. Either way, it is a win-win.

7. Repurpose Blog Content

The digital world is full of information reuse, repurpose, and recycle. No wonder people keep talking about information overload. anyway, blog content repurposing is crucial. Big name bloggers are doing that all the time. You need to wield the same strategy for blog profiting.

In fact, we should constantly repurpose out blog contents. With a little creative thinking, we can turn blog posts into PDF reports, package a blog into a new book, transfer post contents into YouTube videos, and so on. It is your content, thus you should make the best use of it. blog content repurposing is a value-added process for maximum profitability.

You'll have to try it out and see if it works for you because people take in information differently. Some people love to read it, some people love to listen to it, others love to watch it, and they love to be able to download it and look it over at their own time at their own leisure and not in front of a computer screen. By repurposing your blog, you are able to reach more people and provide better services.

8. Connect with Power Bloggers

There are powerful people out there to make influential products like Smart Passive Income, Entrepreneur On Fire, and so forth. newcomers in internet marketing often learn from them passively.  However, we hardly try to contact these power players and network with them. Most of us think we can just do the business on our own.

But the truth is that no one can do it or make it alone. It's too difficult plus why would you. There are a lot of people out there that are genuinely willing to help if you just ask. That's truly all you have to do. Collaboration with other experts can save you a lot of time and energy and put you further than you actually try to do it yourself.

Now it is time to start networking, - make a list of all the bloggers that have influence in your niche and make a solid effort to contact them. There a few things you can do:

Start sharing their blog posts on your social media platforms.
Become a presence on their blogs by commenting on their post.
 Interview them if you have a podcast
Create top lists featuring that specific influencer.

For example, if you create a blog post titled How to Practice Yoga for Stress Release, and feature a few influencers on it, then share your new post with them, they may share and follow. So that this can bring you more traffic from these people's posts, comments, and social media. In summary,  networking with influential bloggers will increase traffic and subscription on your blog; it will build your reputation and status as well.

9. Call To Action

Your blog, along with all supporting materials such as ebooks, videos, podcasts, and more, work together for a single purpose, - to make money. Money can only be manifested by customers' actions. Thus, you must call to action. As kids, we were told that if we really want something, then ask for it. Whether we got it or not is a different story – but just to ask for it. Depending on what you are selling, You must explicitly ask people to click the Buy Button, click through the affiliate link, enter email to subscribe your blog, write positive comments, share your post to social media. There is a lot to ask; you must call to action.

The power of asking is often underutilized by both new and experienced bloggers. A lot of times we either forget or hesitate to ask visitors and readers to our site to actually subscribe or take other desired actions. The call to action applies not only to blogs but also to ebooks. Let's say you wrote a very interesting eBook and a lot of people downloaded it and read it. Through the book, you should prompt your readers to come closer to your business, - at least click the link to your website, and better subscribe to your newsletter, or register for your free course. If they don't act, your book does not really serve the purpose. A call to action is so important in the blogging business.

10. Take Care of Interface Design

A good interface design should be clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Your blog design should support the mission of call-to-action. Here we only cover a few concerns about the blog interface.

Make Opt-in Stand out in Multiple Places

Put the subscription link or other action links on the footer of every page; also put the opt-in form on front page and sidebars. Ask for subscription in multiple places around your blog. For example, on the end of the blog post, say something like, if you enjoyed this post and want updates, subscribe to my newsletter or something along those lines.

For blog sites, the About page is one of the highest clicked page that a visitor goes to. Check your stats and see for yourself. Thefore, these call-to-action items such as opt-in form should be placed on the About page as well. Do this and it will help with getting more subscribers.

Make Subscription Obvious and Simple

Your subscription information should be in obvious places and the button should be very visible to the reader. In some blogs, you only see the opt-in information at the footer of the homepage. However, the chances of people reading through your entire blog posts and scrolling all the way down to the footer, is slim to none. To visitors, there is no reason for them to search your blog like crazy to find your opt-in information. You have to make it stand out and call to action.

Make your subscription simple. Don't ask too much information. You don't need all of their name, address, country, etc. A first name and email are enough. Or even just email address would do it. If you use Captcha, make sure it is not too difficult to recognize. Make the subscription process as easy as possible. The simpler the process, the more the subscribers.

Consider a Landing Page

A landing page is more commonly used for product sales than blogs. But if your goal is to maximize subscription, you may consider setting the home page as the dedicated landing page for blog/newsletter subscription. Basically, a dedicated landing page, allows your readers to solely focus on what you want them to do and that is to subscribe. There's nothing else there that would distract them.

If you're trying to sell a product or get confirmations for a webinar or seminar that you're doing, then having a dedicated landing page will definitely increase the number of people that will subscribe. But the frequent questions, - why do I want to set my blog home page as the landing page? The answer is all about search engine and traffic. If you just have a dedicated website with a landing page to sell, the page or site will not gain much SEO advantage. To set the landing page on the blog home page, you are using your blog posts to gain SEO indexing, keyword search, and traffic. Basically, a lot more visitors will come to your blog, and when they click Home, they are landed.

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